At the present time, four individuals are actively involved in the management of the Limited Liability Company. The Member Manager is Ferd Ben Sebastian, III and Jack E. Owens. The officers of the Company are:

Ferd Ben Sebastian, III – President

Ferd Ben Sebastian, III is a second generation moviemaker with producing credits with the family-owned Sebastian Films since 1968. Sebastian Films has made over 14 independent films such as ‘Gator Bait’, ‘Flash & the Firecat’, ‘Delta Fox’, ‘Captain Midnight’, ‘The Hitchhikers’, and ‘AC/DC: Let There Be Rock’ with Warner Brothers. Previously, Mr. Sebastian owned a video distribution company called Great American Video, that was the first company to sell video’s in the discount mass merchant whole clubs, Price Club, Costco Wholesale Club and Sams Club. Under Mr. Sebastian’s tenure at Great American Video, the Company became the number one supplier of Jane Fonda workout videos to the wholesale mass market with first year sales in excess of $8,000,000 dollars. Mr. Sebastian sold Great American Video and in 1990 started his own production company and co-produced three films with Sebastian Films owners, Beverly & Ferd Sebastian Jr., who also have the dubious distinction of being Ben’s parents. These feature films include: ‘Gator Bait II’, ‘The American Angles’ and ‘Running Cool’, all in association with Paramount Pictures. To date, Sebastian’s films have grossed over $30 million in combined sales revenue.

Board of Advisors

The Company has established a Board of Advisors, which includes highly qualified business and industry professionals. The Board of Advisors will advise the Management team in making appropriate decisions and taking effective action. However, the Board of Advisors will not be responsible for Management decisions and has no legal or fiduciary responsibility to the Company. Currently there are three members on the Board of Advisors:

Ferd B. Sebastian, Jr, CEO and President of Sebastian International Marketing Beverly C. Sebastian, Executive Director of National Greyhound Foundation

Sandy Watterson, Consultant

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