Gator Bait

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:Cast:Starring: Claudia Jennings “Play Boy Playmate of the Year” * Sam Gilman

Co-Staring: Doug Dirkson * Clyde Ventura * Bill Thurman *Don Baldwin *Janit Baldwin * Ben Sebastian & Introducing *Tracy Sebastian

She’s untamed and fiery. She’s half animal and all woman. And she was even Playboy Magazine’s “Playmate of the Year”. She is sultry Claudia Jennings who plays Desiree, the gorgeous alligator poacher living by her wiles in the Louisiana swamp. Desiree’s not only pretty, she’s pretty deadly when provoked. And she’s pushed way past her limit by a clan of lusting backwoodsmen who kill her sister and kidnap her brother. The action in Gator Bait gets as wild as the swamp it was filmed in including the surprise ending in this exciting gator tail.

Gator Bait 2

A sweet city girl initiated into the rugged ways of the Louisiana swamp by her good-natured Cajun husband “Big T”. She ends up putting her newly acquired survival skills to good use when she is kidnapped by Big T’s chief rival Leroy and his swarthy, brutish family as part of an ongoing feud.

Rocktober Blood

Delta Fox:

The Cast: Starring: Richard Lynch * Priscilla Barnes Guest Stars: Stuart Whitman * John Ireland * Richard Jaeckel

Through out the United States, there are vast quantities of money (in hundreds of millions) that have been accumulated by illegal methods. The methods used for gathering these sums are usually the same. Non-reported tax dollars, skimmed gambling revenue, profit from dope, prostitution, and the list goes on. Through clever manipulation these funds find their way into foreign numbered bank accounts. Then at certain prescribed intervals the money is returned (in cash) to various persons to invest in legitimate or non-legitimate ventures.

For two years , The Delta Fox has been the best. No snags! He’s protected himself and his cargo. And delivered the goods. The key man, an attorney in Los Angeles, sets up when and how the money comes into the country. Once a shipment is ready, he notifies The Fox. A transfer from a fishing boat in Miami, to the Fox’s car at dockside is made. From Miami to three thousand miles later in Los Angeles everything depends on one man. Everything is smooth as glass, Only this trip, something’s wrong! Right from the beginning. It reeks setup! And before he knows it, The Fox is trapped, cornered like the wild thing he is , 1,000,000.00 and the steel tightening. But like his namesake, he escapes and he’s got the bag! The chase for the Fox is on.

On the air live with Captain Midnight:

Cast: Staring: * Tracy Sebastian * John Ireland * Dena Dietriech * Ted Gehring * Mia Kovacs Sound Tract Songs: by * Ted Nugent & * Rod Stewart

The hilarious account of one boy’s climb to success within the American free enterprise system and the authorities trying to stop them.

Marvin Ziegler. Better known as Ziggy, is a seventeen year old product of the California school system. He is charming , brilliant and goodlooking. But he can neither read or write and his vocabulary is self taught, mostly the four letter variety! He’s just a little bit out of step, but his difference is what makes him unique. He’s a great guy.. he just doesn’t fit! At work he gets fired for playing “not for broadcast” records over the radio.

At home he’s threatened by his father with foreclosure on his new van, the Midnight Special.

At school his counselor insist that he and his family go to the school psychiatrist because of his inability to adapt to normal school life.


Flash and Firecat:

Cast: Staring: *Roger Davis * Tricia Sembera * Dub Taylor * Richard Kiel *Joan Shawlee * Philip Bruns.

Flash was a knockout and Firecat was her old man, they were the biggest hell-raisers since Bonny & Clyde. Velma Jean (Flash) was a very pretty blond about 19 years old. Never had a father that she knew of and has been on her own since she was 16 when her mother took off with a younger man, leaving only a note with “Good Luck” and a twenty dollar bill for Velma Jean.

What follows is one of the biggest chases to ever take place in Southern California, Firecat had a plan and Flash was along for the ride and they just might get a way with it.

Bloody Friday:

Cast: Starring: * Claudia Jennings “Play Boy Playmate of the Year” * Joan Prather * Greg Mullavey

A Bloody Friday you’ll never forget! The weekend is just beginning… Off the coast of California is an island like a small jewel set in the emerald sea… SHALISHAN! Southern California’s most popular singles resort. Every weekend California girls, wild ,warm and willing come to search for a man.

Under the expert tutelage of super-cool , Freudian psycho-analyst Phillip Stevens (Wayne Dvorek) they find at Shalishan encounter sessions, sensitivity training, sexual liberation exercises and more. Everyone has treir own reason for coming to Shalishan and , in their midst, a psychopathic killer, searching for a new kind of high!

One by one the girls are slaughtered, Cathy played by January Playmate Mercy Rooney, is the first to get it! Right in the stomach with a spear gun!

The Hitch Hikers:

Cast: Staring: * Misty Rowe (from TV’s Hee Haw) * Norman Klar * Linda Avery * Tammy Gibbs * Kathy Stutsman * Denny Nichols

Maggie (Misty Rowe), a pretty blond teenager, learns that she is pregnant. Her boy friend refuses to marry her or assume any responsibility for the baby. Unable to communicate with her parents, the distraught Maggie runs a way from home. She now begins her adventure of hitchhiking a cross the country, where she meats Benson (Norman Klar) Benson is a young hippie and takes Maggie to his dessert hide out witch he shares with his family. The family consist of four girls , that Benson has trained to rob people while they are hitch hicking, Now Maggie’s adventure begins as she must choose Benson and a life of crime or try a daring life defying escape from the gang.

Red White & Blue: 

It was the mid 60’s in America. Atime to push the limits. Playboy was on the stands and across the country the boys were crying for more.

In the back alleys of New York and the back side of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, the cry was heard.

So the cameras rolled… and raw hot lights were on sexy nude women… And Porn was born in America…

This is the story of what was then called “The Smut Industry”… And the President commissioned a panel to find out WHAT WAS OBSCENE! So that they could prosicute it! This film is based on that report!

American Angels

Lisa has a grandfather called Killer Kane, who stopped Wrestling after he killed someone while performing “the snap”. Her only wish is to become a wrestler herself. To achieve this, she joins the American Angels, a female wrestling show. Because training hard isn’t enough, she seduces the show manager Donald to get a fight against Magnificent Mimi, the champion. But as Donald and Mimi are a couple, Mimi is just waiting for a chance to punish Lisa.



Running Cool

Bone and Bear, two rough and tough bikers ride out from Sturgis, SD. to the marshes of South Carolina to help out their “bro” Ironbutt Garrett, who’s land is being eyed by the money-grubbing, domineering Calvin Hogg. With the townspeople aghast at the “scooter-trash” invading Buford, the Sherrif, under the direction of Hogg, try to get the bikers out of town while they try to organize a “Wetland Run” aimed at making enough money to pay off the back taxes that threaten Ironbutt’s claim to the land. Bear gets kidnapped by Calvin’s over- zealous son Blue, and again it’s up to Bone to save his buddy.




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